Full Feng Shui Consultation for Home


Feng Shui Consultation

Everything is energy and that includes all of our spaces. Proper energetic flow where we live and work enhances all aspects of our lives and well-being. During your consultation, I will evaluate your home using advanced feng shui formulas and techniques. This will include personal evaluations for you and your family (6 max). Your FS Consult consists of: Evaluation of external and internal spaces, house blessing, and detailed reports (allow up to 2 weeks for email report). Detailed instructions will be sent to you once you have booked your consultation.


Feng Shui is a living skill that can be taken and adapted to all your spaces.

Feng Shui can be learned and applied by anyone. It allows us to live well, attract abundance, decrease stress, and achieve balance/harmony in all aspects of our lives

As a Certified Feng Shui Master Practitioner, I have been providing Feng Shui consultations for over 35 years. I have been able to help many people all over the world to bring balance, harmony, and abundance into their lives.

I am trained in several schools of Feng Shui and have studied with Masters in the USA, and Grand Masters in both China and Malaysia.

Each home or office consultation includes:

A full written report with recommendations.

Space Clearing & Blessing to clear negative energy from your space.

Feng Shui cures and adjustments.

Optional- external Rice blessing to feed the hungry ghosts that may be lingering around your home/office.  This clears the negative energies from outside your spaces.

A follow-up, 2 weeks after consultation.


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