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“Ley” Lines-Their Impact on Our Lives and Spaces

The term Ley Line, or clearing, is a term used by many cultures including-Heilige Linien in Germany, Fairy paths in Ireland, Dragon Lines in China, Spirit Lines in Peru, and Song Paths to Australian Aborigines. The term was first described by Alfred Watkins in the 1920’s and referred to a connection between holy or sacred sites.  He later discarded the words for the term straight tracks referring to an imaginary pathway between these sites.  In fact, he was probably right.  Clearings in the countryside of any space will always be an ideal place for communities, and populations, to congregate. They are the best places to create towns, and erect their most cherished sites or buildings.

Many cultures have theories and terms that describe the geometric alignment between land masses and ancient sites. Generally, these “lines” connected sacred and natural sites giving rise to names to describe these sites. These lines determined how cities, temples, churches were laid out.

In traditional Chinese Feng Shui “Leys” or clearings were important to the Feng Shui master.  The Master would search for these areas because the universe is always striving for balance. These “ley’s”, or clearings, balanced out the Yang energy of the mountains and oceans, and the Yin of dark forests, still waters, and caverns.  The gentle clearings showed him these “Leys” were places of gathering positive Chi (energy), protections, and safety.  The surrounding hills and springs would provide abundance and protect the community.  These sites were shielded from harsh elements and had access to natural resources such as water, food, good soil, and living materials. Sites and energy fields were evaluated for low energy areas for burial sites which were situated away from the living spaces for health and sanitation reasons.  Sacred sites were place in areas of easy access and allowed for congregating. The rest of the surrounding areas had ample resources for the population to live, grow, and prosper.

Today this not common practice.  Modern technology and growing demands for conveniences have led to a massive disruption of natural topography to build cities quickly and within budget. To facilitate faster, cheaper buildings whole areas are flattened without regard to what lies beneath the surface. Trees, bushes, and ground coverings are completely removed to allow modern machinery easy access to the building areas.  Afterward, a small sample of plantings are replaced but the damage to soil and environment is done.  Chi flow is disrupted and replaced with a man-made replacement. Doing so has the effect of disrupting the natural flow of Chi (energy), creating areas that are inundated with unnatural energy.  If the occupants are sensitive to this energy flow they can bring it back into balance. If not there will be surges of energy and the “Ley” lines are contorted and re-established into a massive network of energy. Too much consolidated energy in any single place can lead to feelings of paranoia, insecurity, anger, tension, anxiety, illness, fire, and decay.  Ever hear someone say “that house is Haunted”? The reality could be that the energy became so concentrated that it caused everything in and around that home to decay at an accelerated frequency/rate.  It may be that the high energy created portals into dimensions that were previously unapparent. Water veins, mineral or gas deposits, power lines, and more contribute to the “Ley” line phenomena. Whatever the case there is an abnormally high concentration of energy that is unregulated and unbuffered causing havoc to the space and its inhabitants.

The best example of this denuding of the land occurred in the U.S. during the Post-World War I recession, which saw Midwest farmers employing new ways of mechanized farming.  Efforts to increase their profits made farmers plow away grass lands, and overplant wheat that they eventually couldn’t sell due to the Great Depression. Farmers covered the prairie with wheat crops in place of the natural drought-resistant grasses that was part of the natural landscape, any unused fields were left completely bare. Plow-based farming caused the fertile topsoil to be lost and literally blown away in the intense winds, leaving the land vulnerable to drought and inhospitable for growing any crops. This would lead to thousands of acres of substandard farmland and generations of people with chronic, sometimes terminal diseases.

Whether there are actual lines of connected energy between sites is, and will always be, a point of discussion between skeptics and practitioners who sense energy fields.  Communities and populations will always congregate in “Leys” or clearings.  People will always gravitate to spaces that seem to provide them the greatest opportunities and abundance. With this they bring their own energies, both natural and man-made.  If we all learn to Live in Harmony and Balance, we can benefit from this pseudo-energy grid and live happier, healthier lives.


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The creation of an altar is an important decision for any space. An altar energizes and strengthens the Chi in your space. It articulates your thoughts/feelings and brings them into a conscious state.

What makes a Altar

Altars are groupings of things that have a special meaning to us, and bring us joy. These spaces will emit an energy in an around us we are unaware of. This energy helps us refocus by creating visual cues to when our lives seem out of control. Subconsciously humans have always had an internal desire to build these sacred spaces. Some were to hold photos, artifacts, objects, books, candles, flowers, etc. Whatever no matter the objects are, altars reflect who you are, your life, goals, and dreams.

Location of Altars

Altars can be place inside or out and should be placed where it can view daily.

Locations should be quiet and well lit.

Place altar against a solid wall and make sure it does not share a wall with the Kitchen/Bathroom.

Avoid placing above busy road, corridor, aquariums, drains, or water pipes which cause excessive Chi movement and can drain away the energy.

Do not place your altar in a Bathroom or Cupboard these places are Yin/stagnant energy.

Never place an altar under an overhead beam. If the beam is located at the left side of the altar (Green Dragon side), luck of male family members will be affected, for females, beams over the right side of the altar (White Tiger side)..

Why have an Altar?

Altars provide a focal point for prayer, meditation, remembrance, or a place to start conversations or relax in the energy of its grandeur or beauty. Many of our displays around our home/office can be called altars.

Altars can influence our subconscious mind.  The items visually represent our dreams/desires. Looking at an altar can change our mood or trigger thoughts/actions.

Lights or candles can boost the influence

Types of Altars

Altars can be simple to very elaborate displays. A grouping of objects becomes an altar when we set an intention. Decide on the main purpose for your altar and set the intention. Even random objects that hold special meanings to us have intention. The energy from the display can raise or lower the energy of a space and its occupants.  Because energy is ever changing, it is important to personalize your altar to assure its vibration remains high enough to provide positive energy in your space.

  • Spiritual-for spiritual connection
  • Healing-focus/reminder
  • Gratitude/Thanks-letters/testimonial/gratitude jar
  • Intuition/Guidance-place to sit and meditate for
  • Celebratory-celebrate ancestor/culture/life cycles/seasons/holidays or celebrations
  • Manifestation-vision boards, goal reminders, money, family, world peace, love, relationships/marriage
  • Honor/Remember
  • Affirmation-positive reinforcement, inspirational quotes/images
  • Creative-fun idea to let creative juices flow
  • Feng Shui Cures-missing areas, mirrors, guardians

Place things that raise the energy levels to warm and feeling, make sure to set an intention for your altar.

3 items commonly found on many altars that elevate energy and purify the space:

  1. Candles
  2. Incense Burners or Essential Oils
  3. Crystals