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Chinese New Year-Year of the Earth Pig

  2019-The Year of the Earth Boar-Chinese New Year Do’s & Don’ts  The Chinese New Year is the beginnings of celebrations to welcome the awakening of both the new year and the emerging Springtime with its blessing of abundance and prosperity.  Chinese New Year is...

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“Ley” Lines-Their Impact on Our Lives and Spaces

The term Ley Line, or clearing, is a term used by many cultures including-Heilige Linien in Germany, Fairy paths in Ireland, Dragon Lines in China, Spirit Lines in Peru, and Song Paths to Australian Aborigines. The term was first described by Alfred Watkins in the...

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The creation of an altar is an important decision for any space. An altar energizes and strengthens the Chi in your space. It articulates your thoughts/feelings and brings them into a conscious state. What makes a Altar Altars are groupings of things that have a...

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