The creation of an altar is an important decision for any space. An altar energizes and strengthens the Chi in your space. It articulates your thoughts/feelings and brings them into a conscious state.

What makes a Altar

Altars are groupings of things that have a special meaning to us, and bring us joy. These spaces will emit an energy in an around us we are unaware of. This energy helps us refocus by creating visual cues to when our lives seem out of control. Subconsciously humans have always had an internal desire to build these sacred spaces. Some were to hold photos, artifacts, objects, books, candles, flowers, etc. Whatever no matter the objects are, altars reflect who you are, your life, goals, and dreams.

Location of Altars

Altars can be place inside or out and should be placed where it can view daily.

Locations should be quiet and well lit.

Place altar against a solid wall and make sure it does not share a wall with the Kitchen/Bathroom.

Avoid placing above busy road, corridor, aquariums, drains, or water pipes which cause excessive Chi movement and can drain away the energy.

Do not place your altar in a Bathroom or Cupboard these places are Yin/stagnant energy.

Never place an altar under an overhead beam. If the beam is located at the left side of the altar (Green Dragon side), luck of male family members will be affected, for females, beams over the right side of the altar (White Tiger side)..

Why have an Altar?

Altars provide a focal point for prayer, meditation, remembrance, or a place to start conversations or relax in the energy of its grandeur or beauty. Many of our displays around our home/office can be called altars.

Altars can influence our subconscious mind.  The items visually represent our dreams/desires. Looking at an altar can change our mood or trigger thoughts/actions.

Lights or candles can boost the influence

Types of Altars

Altars can be simple to very elaborate displays. A grouping of objects becomes an altar when we set an intention. Decide on the main purpose for your altar and set the intention. Even random objects that hold special meanings to us have intention. The energy from the display can raise or lower the energy of a space and its occupants.  Because energy is ever changing, it is important to personalize your altar to assure its vibration remains high enough to provide positive energy in your space.

  • Spiritual-for spiritual connection
  • Healing-focus/reminder
  • Gratitude/Thanks-letters/testimonial/gratitude jar
  • Intuition/Guidance-place to sit and meditate for
  • Celebratory-celebrate ancestor/culture/life cycles/seasons/holidays or celebrations
  • Manifestation-vision boards, goal reminders, money, family, world peace, love, relationships/marriage
  • Honor/Remember
  • Affirmation-positive reinforcement, inspirational quotes/images
  • Creative-fun idea to let creative juices flow
  • Feng Shui Cures-missing areas, mirrors, guardians

Place things that raise the energy levels to warm and feeling, make sure to set an intention for your altar.

3 items commonly found on many altars that elevate energy and purify the space:

  1. Candles
  2. Incense Burners or Essential Oils
  3. Crystals